Town Meeting Day is March 7, 2017

Town Meeting Day offers us an opportunity to advocate for increased public investments in high-quality, affordable child care as one unified, statewide voice at hundreds of polling places across Vermont. In 2015 and 2016, this event was one of the most effective days of the year for our movement in terms of amplifying awareness about the issue and building our supporter base.

Activities at the Polls:

1. Collect Petition signatures. Our Petition for increased investments in high-quality, affordable child care is one of our most important tools. Not only is it a gateway for new supporters to join the campaign, it provides quantifiable evidence of the pervasive public will to prioritize kids. When we can say to a legislator, "Hundreds of your constituents have stated their support for this issue," it sends the message that they should pay attention. Help us collect Petition signatures at your polling place by volunteering on Town Meeting Day. 

2. Invite people to attend the Rally for Kids! This exciting event is part of Early Childhood Day at the Legislature and will involve a peaceful demonstration emphasizing the importance of investing in high-quality, affordable child care. We want to get as many supporters as possible to participate to send a strong message that Vermonters consider kids a priority! Learn more about the Rally here.