In December of 2016, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High-Quality, Affordable Child Care released a report that: 

1. Defines the elements of a high-quality child care program

2.  Models how much it would cost per infant, toddler and preschooler to provide high-quality early care and learning

3. Estimates the total cost of high-quality care based on the number of children under 6 who have all available parents in the labor force and are therefore likely to need child care

4. Recommends how much families should be asked to contribute to child care to make it affordable for them

5. Calculates the current investment gap that would need to be filled after existing early childhood funding and parental contributions are taken into account

6. Recommends potential funding sources that could be used to fill this gap


The report makes a strong case that ensuring all children have access to high-quality, affordable child care is an economic and social imperative for our state. To achieve this, the Commission’s recommendations include increasing tuition assistance benefits under the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP), expanding CCFAP eligibility and increasing tuition assistance rates to help more families afford early care and learning programs. Read more about CCFAP here.


Now that the commissioners have finished their important work, it’s time for us to ensure their recommendations become a reality! Use our Candidate Dashboard to find your legislators and candidates and send them email about why you support the BRC’s recommendations to increase investment in CCFAP to ensure all Vermont children have a strong start in life. 


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Reports from Blue Ribbon Commission Meetings:

On behalf of our partner organizations and all of the supporters of our campaign—parents, grandparents, child care providers, business owners, concerned citizens—we are excited to support the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care. For those of us who have been working to provide Vermont’s children with a strong start in life, the Blue Ribbon Commission offers the opportunity to shine a light on the issues around access, affordability and quality in child care.  

The Commission’s job was to determine the hallmarks of a quality child care program and to recommend to the Legislature and governor strategies to support affordable, quality child care in Vermont. The Commission issued its final report in December of 2016. 



Charlotte Ancel, Vice President, Power Supply & General Counsel at Green Mountain Power. Business Representative.

Donna Bailey, Co-Director of the Addison County Parent/Child Center. Parent/Child Center Representative.

Paul Behrman, Director at Champlain Valley Head Start. Head Start Representative. 

Laurel Bongiorno, Dean of Champlain College Division of Education and Human Services. Higher Education Representative. 

Frank Cioffi, President of the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation. Business Representative.

Michelle Fay, Associate Director. Voices for Vermonts Children. Child Advocacy Representative.

Christine Gibson, IT Manager at WhistlePig Whiskey. Parent Representative.

Rachel Hunter, Child Care Provider/Pre-K Teacher and Mentor at an in-home child care. Licensed and Registered Home-Based Child Care Program Representative. 

Steven "Curly" Lambrecht, Lieutenant Colonel, Vermont Air National Guard. Military Parent Representative.

Chloe Learey, Executive Director of Winston Prouty Center for Child Development. Licensed Center-Based Child Care Program Representative. 

Lauren Norford, Coordinator of Early Childhood Mental Health Services at Rutland Mental Health, Business Representative.

David Rubel, Commercial Lending Portfolio Manager at the Community National Bank. Financial Services Representative. 


Jessica Blackman, Administrator of the Commission.

Paul Dragon, Director of Policy & Program Integration at the Agency of Human Services. Secretary of Human Services Appointee.

Jessica Gingras, Director of Appointments to Boards and Commissions for the Governor's Office. Secretary of Administration Appointee.

Rebecca Holcombe, Secretary of Education, Agency of Education Representative.

Reeva Murphy, Deputy Commissioner for the Vermont Department for Children and Families. Child Development Division Representative.

Sarah Squirrell, Executive Director, Building Bright Futures Representative.