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As we begin to plan for our new future, we must work toward a child care system that is stronger, more equitable, and sustainable. In 2020, Vermont must immediately focus CARES Act funding to:





When it comes to child care, Vermont must build stronger.

Early care and education is essential to our state’s families and the economy. As we begin to plan for our new future, we must work toward a child care system that is stronger, more equitable, and sustainable. If we don't invest in moving forward, we risk falling even further behind and further entrenching the fragile and inequitable model that has failed kids, families, and Vermont for decades.

Skilled early childhood educators play a crucial role in supporting children’s emotional and social development and providing the strong start that every child deserves. Affordable access to high-quality child care also allows parents to look for work and start a job or attend school, leading to more equitable labor force participation and a more solid path to economic security for families.

We are hopeful that after witnessing the impacts of life without child care, Vermonters can come together to strengthen our child care system so that it supports and values children, early educators, and working families for what they are—the heart of our society and the backbone of our economy. 

We have much work to do together in the coming years to build the strongest possible early care and education system and achieve the vision laid out by Vermont’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care. In 2020, Vermont must focus on the following immediate priorities using CARES Act funding. Line-item funding estimates for each of these priorities are available here; we estimate an overall need of approximately $33 million.


Although much is still unknown about COVID-19 and its impacts, we do know the economic and psychological effects of the pandemic directly impact children—and have exponentially greater impacts on children whose families were already struggling. Even before the pandemic, child care was unaffordable for many families, often costing more than tuition at a state college. Through expanded child care financial assistance and other permanent solutions, we can ensure families have access to safe, developmentally focused options for the foreseeable future by:

• Increasing Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) reimbursement rates to reflect the increased cost of providing care during this pandemic.

• Expanding CCFAP work search qualifications beyond 12 weeks to provide families adequate time to find work as the economy slowly reopens.

• Basing CCFAP payment on enrollment, not attendance, so that low-income children don’t lose child care slots if they are unable to immediately access child care.


Child care programs must provide a safe environment for children and staff to minimize the spread of COVID-19. For this to happen, the state should:

• Provide generous, flexible grants to all programs that reopen, when they reopen, to support increased costs such as supplies, deep cleaning, structural changes to facilities, staffing, and lost income due to limited attendance.

• Allow for a lengthy transition period as staffing, enrollment, and class size issues are resolved in this new regulatory environment..

• Provide an additional round of funding for programs that are unable to open until later in the summer. Funds allocated must be sufficient to cover operations of both child care and summer and afterschool programs.

Child care programs should also have access to critical health and safety supplies through the state’s procurement system as long as these supplies are necessary to maintain COVID-19-specific health and safety guidelines.

The voices of early childhood educators and child care programs must be directly represented in conversations about guidance and supports for the field. The state Administration should partner with the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children to accomplish this.


Child care professionals are the backbone of our essential early care and education infrastructure—we have to do a better job of acknowledging and enriching their child-development skills and paying them what they are worth, especially since they will continue to be at high risk for exposure to COVID-19. If we truly value early childhood education as the backbone of other industries, then those who are providing the service every day need to be paid in alignment with their value, skills, and competencies. CARES Act funds should be allocated to supplemental pay for early childhood educators through the remainder of 2020. Professional preparation and training—including scholarships—should also be funded through CARES Act funds so our early childhood education workforce is equipped to navigate these uncharted waters.


The IT system that currently supports Vermont’s early care and education system and the administration of CCFAP is significantly outdated and a major barrier to the efficient and effective administration of new programs and resources during the state’s COVID-19 response. In recent weeks, the IT system has made it much more difficult for the state to perform necessary functions to respond to the crisis, such as identifying child care programs willing to serve the children of essential personnel and processing and distributing stabilization payments to programs. The state’s child care IT system will be critically important in the coming months as guidance, capacity, demand, and funding for child care will be rapidly changing. With a one-time investment of CARES Act funds, the state can purchase and implement a new IT system to effectively administer Vermont’s ECE system through the COVID-19 recovery period and beyond.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, urge policymakers to immediately implement these supports to ensure that Vermont’s critical child care system is positioned to effectively support our recovery in the short-term and enable us to emerge from this crisis stronger and more resilient in the long-term.


  • Rob Carter, President, Addison County Chamber of Commerce
  • Fred Kenney, Executive Director, Addison County Economic Development Corporation
  • Marilyn McConnell, President & CEO, AIDC (American International Distribution Corporation)
  • Sarah Kaeck, CEO, Bee's Wrap
  • Lindsay Deslauriers, President & Co-Owner, Bolton Valley Resort
  • Adam Grinold, Executive Director, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation
  • Daniel Yates, President & CEO, Brattleboro Savings & Loan
  • Peter Guarco, Owner, Ebro LLC
  • Lawrence Miller, Consultant, Five Vine Consulting
  • Scott McArdle, Partner, Gade-McArdle, LLC
  • Dimitri Garder, CEO, Global-Z International
  • Megan McLaughlin, Principal Consultant, GRIT Strategies
  • Kurt Haigis, Founder, HaigisHof
  • Bill Harvey, Designer & Co-Owner, Harvey\Severance
  • Sherri Potvin, Executive Director, Lake Champlain Islands Economic Development Corporation (LCIEDC)
  • John Mandeville, Executive Director, Lamoille Economic Development Corporation
  • Joy Townley, Manager, Low Cost Exhaust
  • Chadwick Mercury, CEO & President, Mercure TV
  • Doug Nedde, Owner, Nedde Real Estate
  • Mark Crow, Executive, President, Tenth Crow Creative
  • Rick Davis, President, The Davis Company
  • Michele Asch, Vice President of Leadership & Organizational Development, Twincraft Skincare
  • Adeline Druart, President, Vermont Creamery
  • Sam Hooper, Owner and President, Vermont Glove
  • Katherine Sims, Willard Street Traditions, LLC
  1. A.S. We Grow Childcare
  2. ABC Early Education Daycare & Preschool
  3. Adventure Kids Child Care
  4. Amber Bollman Registered Family Child Care Home
  5. Amelia Ruby Guillen Registered Family Child Care Home
  6. AME’s Children’s Center
  7. Annette’s Preschool
  8. April’s Teaching Tree
  9. Ascension Childcare, Inc
  10. Babble-On
  11. The Bellwether School
  12. Bennington Early Childhood Center
  13. Bonita Wright Registered Family Child Care Home
  14. Brattleboro Centre for Children
  15. Briana Terwilliger Registered Family Child Care Home
  16. Britany’s Daycare
  17. Bunny Steps Daycare & Pre-School Center
  18. Butterfly Kisses Child Care Center
  19. Capstone Community Action
  20. Capstone Head Start
  21. Carmen’s Daycare
  22. Carolyn’s Red Balloon Enrichment Center
  23. Children Unlimited
  24. Christina’s Childcare
  25. Cole’s House Family Childcare
  26. Community Collaborative for Guildford
  27. Cottage Kids Child Care
  28. Creative Kids Adventures, Inc.
  29. Creative Learning Child Care & Preschool
  30. Dandelion Wishes
  31. Davis Studio Preschool
  32. Dawna’s Daycare
  33. Dewey Daycare
  34. Diane’s Daycare
  35. Early Care and Learning Partnership, Inc.
  36. EJ’s Kids Klub, Inc.
  37. Elizabeth King Child Care
  38. Erica Ward, Registered Family Child Care Home
  39. Evergreen Preschool
  40. The Family Garden, Inc.
  41. Farmhouse Children’s Center
  42. Forever Friends Playschool
  43. Four Seasons of Early Learning
  44. Freedom Rains Children’s Center
  45. Gan Yeladim Preschool
  46. Georgia’s Next Generation
  47. GIC Youth
  48. Growing With Wonder
  49. Gunner’s Playground
  50. Haleshaven Child Care
  51. Happy Feet Daycare
  52. Happy Tadpoles Childcare
  53. Heart of a Child Early Care and Learning Consultation
  54. Hearts & Minds Childcare & Preschool
  55. Heartworks, Loveworks, and Steamworks
  56. Heather Armell Registered Family Child Care Home
  57. Hey Diddle Diddle Daycare
  58. Hollyshugsnkisses Childcare
  59. Horizon Early Learning Program, LLC
  60. Hunger Mountain Children’s Center
  61. Jack’s Place
  62. Janet Batchelder Registered Family Child Care Home
  63. Jeanine Wixson Registered Family Child Care Home
  64. Jennifer Davison Registered Family Child Care Home
  65. Jennifer Hemingway Registered Family Child Care Home
  66. Jennifer Nelson Childcare
  67. Jenn’s Gems Childcare & Preschool
  68. Kathy Allen Childcare
  69. Kathy’s Daycare
  70. Katie’s Krazy Kids Childcare
  71. Kelley’s Daybreak Childcare
  72. Kelly Garcia Registered Family Child Care Home
  73. Kid Logic Learning, LLC
  74. The Kid’s School
  75. kidsPLAYvt. LLC
  76. Kristin’s Playcare
  77. Lake View Child Care
  78. Leave ‘Em Scream ‘In Child Care
  79. The Learning Garden
  80. Lincoln Cooperative Preschool
  81. Lisa Duncan Licensed Family Child Care Home
  82. Little Angels Nursery & Preschool
  83. Little Feats & Little Feats Too
  84. Little Lakers Academy
  85. Little Mustangs
  86. The Little School
  87. Little Sparrow Learning Nest
  88. Lori’s Daycare
  89. Luvalot Family Childcare & PreK
  90. Macie’s Home Childcare
  91. Marta’s Bilingual Daycare
  92. Michellyn Perras Registered Family Child Care Home
  93. Middlebury Children’s Museum
  94. Milton Family Community Center
  95. Miss Abby’s Childcare
  96. Misty King Registered Family Child Care Home
  97. Montessori School of Central Vermont
  98. Montpelier Children’s House
  99. Morristown After School Program
  100. Mountain Communities Supporting Education dba The Collaborative
  101. Mountain Village School
  102. Mulberry Bush Independent School, Brattleboro Retreat
  103. My Second Home LLC
  104. The Natural Child School
  105. Natural Wonders Childcare, LLC
  106. Neck of the Woods
  107. Neverland LLC
  108. New Heights Childrens Center
  109. Nicole’s Daycare
  110. Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Childcare
  111. Northshire Day School
  112. Nurturing Young Minds
  113. Oak Hill Children’s Center
  114. Orchard Valley Waldorf School
  115. Otter Creek Child Center
  116. Our Community Cares Camp, Inc
  117. Part 2 Afterschool
  118. Potter’s Country Daycare
  119. Potter’s House School and Child Care Center
  120. Puddle Jumpers Childcare
  121. Puffer Child Care Ceter
  122. Quarry Hill School
  123. Rabbit Track Day Care
  124. Randa’s Daycare
  125. Reach for the Stars
  126. Rekaroo’s Childcare
  127. Rivers Childcare
  128. Saxon Hill School
  129. Sherri’s Daycare
  130. Spring Hill School
  131. Stepping Stones Children’s Center
  132. Stonewood School North, LLC
  133. Storytime at The Schoolhouse Learning Center
  134. Sunny Acres Daycare
  135. Sunshine Children’s Center
  136. Sunshine Daydream Child Care
  137. Tammie’s Playschool
  138. Terri Hunter Registered Family Child Care Home
  139. Terri’s Morning Garden
  140. Tina Lothian Registered Family Child Care Home
  141. Tiny Dreamers in Early Childhood, LLC
  142. Tiny Stars Childcare/PreK
  143. Trinity Children’s Center, Inc.
  144. Turtle Island Children’s Center
  145. United Counseling Service
  146. Valerie Williams Family Childcare
  147. Williston Enrichment Center
  148. Windsor Early Childhood Education Center
  149. Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development
  150. Wonderfeet Kid's Museum
  151. Wonder in the Woods
  152. Woodstock Christian Childcare
  1. Betsy Barstow, Adamant
  2. Denise Fleming, Addison
  3. Matthew LeFluer, Alburgh
  4. Missy MacKin, Alburgh
  5. Jennifer Reynells, Alburgh
  6. Monica Keith, Andover
  7. Alyson Grzyb, Arlington
  8. Sharron Harrington, Arlington
  9. Anne Simonds, Arlington
  10. Chelsea Thompson, Arlington
  11. Nicol Whalen, Arlington
  12. Janelle Anderson, Barre
  13. Bonnie Burroughs, Barre
  14. Paige Lamthi, Barre
  15. Vicki Langevin, Barre
  16. Kalita Lindig, Barre
  17. Kristen Martin, Barre
  18. Shannon Planck, Barre
  19. Gayle Rapp, Barre
  20. Barbara Roya, Barre
  21. Pat Siergiey, Barre
  22. Tracy West, Barre
  23. Jessica Poginy, Barton
  24. Maureen Blanchard, Beecher Falls
  25. Margaret Perry, Bellows Falls
  26. Laura Rounds, Bellows Falls
  27. Jill Sparks, Bellows Falls
  28. Holly Taylor, Bellows Falls
  29. Christine Becker, Bennington
  30. Jean Bourn, Bennington
  31. William Colvin, Bennington
  32. Tiffany Gaghich, Bennington
  33. Lori Gratton, Bennington
  34. Amelia Ruby Guillen, Bennington
  35. Randa Howe, Bennington
  36. Misty King, Bennington
  37. Christina Lincourt, Bennington
  38. Corinne Lyons, Bennington
  39. Haley Pinsonneault, Bennington
  40. Lori Pinsonneault, Bennington
  41. Kelley Potter, Bennington
  42. Michelle Prouty, Bennington
  43. Marge Roberts, Bennington
  44. Pearl Schramm, Bennington
  45. Stacey Sherman, Bennington
  46. Logan Snow, Bennington
  47. Sarah Stratton, Bennington
  48. Beth Traver Adolphus, Bennington
  49. Kristen Dunne, Benson
  50. Chrissy Blaylock, Bondville
  51. Cynthia Ely, Bradford
  52. Jared Pendak, Bradford
  53. Emily Pryer, Bradford
  54. Meri Saladino, Bradford
  55. Shirley Rogers, Braintree
  56. Melissa Lynch, Brandon
  57. Christine Noonan, Brandon
  58. Ellen Sheffer, Brandon
  59. Tina Andrews, Brattleboro
  60. Margaret Atkinson, Brattleboro
  61. Moriah Carney, Brattleboro
  62. Zoe Colby, Brattleboro
  63. Jessica Corbeil, Brattleboro
  64. Laura Evans, Brattleboro
  65. Kim Freeman, Brattleboro
  66. Laura Goldblatt, Brattleboro
  67. Siobhan Hanley, Brattleboro
  68. Delilah Haskell, Brattleboro
  69. Laura Hatfield, Brattleboro
  70. Victoria Kelliher, Brattleboro
  71. Chloe Learey, Brattleboro
  72. Ellen Luna, Brattleboro
  73. Nan Mann, Brattleboro
  74. Leigh Marthe, Brattleboro
  75. Ty Morris, Brattleboro
  76. Alyssa Pelow, Brattleboro
  77. Amaryah Pendlebury, Brattleboro
  78. Jennifer Ricker, Brattleboro
  79. Caitlin Senni, Brattleboro
  80. Cristina Shay-Onye, Brattleboro
  81. Janice Stockman, Brattleboro
  82. Katie Tobey, Brattleboro
  83. Rachael Trill, Brattleboro
  84. Kate Trzaskos, Brattleboro
  85. Emily Wagner, Brattleboro
  86. Ana Williams, Brattleboro
  87. Jill Williams, Brattleboro
  88. Daniel Yates, Brattleboro
  89. Brenda S. Metzler, Bridgewater
  90. Jana Meyer, Bridgewater
  91. Meg Seely, Bridgewater
  92. Bruce Seely, Bridgewater
  93. Diana Bain, Bridport
  94. Becky Birkheimer, Bristol
  95. Matthew Daylor, Bristol
  96. W. David Knight, Bristol
  97. David Mandel, Bristol
  98. Emily McManamy, Bristol
  99. Tom McManamy, Bristol
  100. Pamela Fogg, Bristol
  101. Nicole Reilly, Bristol
  102. Minna Roussi, Bristol
  103. Judith Irving, Brookfield
  104. Belinda Snow-Gifford, Brookfield
  105. Mandi Harbec, Brownington
  106. Barbara Postman, Brownington
  107. Mary Spear Garrow, Brownsville
  108. Tammy Yates, Brownsville
  109. Stephanie Albaugh, Burlington
  110. Michelle Anderson, Burlington
  111. Peter Asch, Burlington
  112. Janet Batchelder, Burlington
  113. Sam Beall, Burlington
  114. Christine Beall, Burlington
  115. Alena Ross Becker, Burlington
  116. Rebecca Bell, Burlington
  117. Lauren Bergeron, Burlington
  118. Prem Bhattarai, Burlington
  119. Elizabeth Binder, Burlington
  120. Ben Bisher, Burlington
  121. Ian Bachand, Burlington
  122. Lindsay Bloxham-Fisher, Burlington
  123. Tina Boljevac, Burlington
  124. Eric Boehm, Burlington
  125. Kirstin Boehm, Burlington
  126. Hannah C. Burnett, Burlington
  127. Christina Butt, Burlington
  128. Karen L. Butt, Burlington
  129. Rex Butt, Burlington
  130. Lucia W. Campriello, Burlington
  131. Sarah Chamberlain, Burlington
  132. Elizabeth Cherry, Burlington
  133. Emily Clark, Burlington
  134. Noelle Cleveland, Burlington
  135. Randi-Lynn Crowther, Burlington
  136. Tammy Daly, Burlington
  137. Kirsten DeLuca, Burlington
  138. Lindsey Desrochers, Burlington
  139. Donna Diaz, Burlington
  140. Anne Dougherty, Burlington
  141. Loren Dow, Burlington
  142. Ellen Drolette, Burlington
  143. Nathalie Feldman, Burlington
  144. Jessica Frank, Burlington
  145. Krystal Fuller, Burlington
  146. Julie Garwood, Burlington
  147. Anna Gebhardt, Burlington
  148. Erin George, Burlington
  149. Jordan Giaconia, Burlington
  150. Joe A. Giallanella, Burlington
  151. Charlotte Gliserman, Burlington
  152. Doug Goldsmith, Burlington
  153. Andrew Golub, Burlington
  154. David Goode, Burlington
  155. Renee Greenlee, Burlington
  156. Adam Greenlee, Burlington
  157. Marta Hammond, Burlington
  158. Elizabeth Hands, Burlington
  159. Kit Harrington, Burlington
  160. Fagan Hart, Burlington
  161. Richard Hibbert, Burlington
  162. Emily Holden, Burlington
  163. Andrea Hulsey, Burlington
  164. Heather Jenkins, Burlington
  165. Mindy Kear, Burlington
  166. Caroline Keller, Burlington
  167. Georgia Kennedy, Burlington
  168. Sarah Kenney, Burlington
  169. Jovial King, Burlington
  170. Monica Koskiniemi, Burlington
  171. Samantha Kurs, Burlington
  172. Christine Lacey, Burlington
  173. Ashley LaFountain, Burlington
  174. Susan LaMaster, Burlington
  175. Bree LeMay, Burlington
  176. Genevra MacPhail, Burlington
  177. Megan Malgeri, Burlington
  178. Hannah Manson, Burlington
  179. Laura McDonough, Burlington
  180. Kirsten McKnight, Burlington
  181. Janet K. McLaughlin, Burlington
  182. Owen Milne, Burlington
  183. Amanda Moore, Burlington
  184. Patricia P. Motch, Burlington
  185. Keyana Mundy, Burlington
  186. Jamie Murphy, Burlington
  187. Dianna Murray-Close, Burlington
  188. Jennifer Nachbur, Burlington
  189. Kate Neufeld, Burlington
  190. Katie Nikel, Burlington
  191. Carol Ode, Burlington
  192. Moe Ohara, Burlington
  193. Dana Oliver, Burlington
  194. Sarah Osten, Burlington
  195. Kaitlin Ostrander, Burlington
  196. Maryann Paterniti, Burlington
  197. Emily Peden, Burlington
  198. Odele Peter, Burlington
  199. Lily Pigue, Burlington
  200. Ethan Platt, Burlington
  201. Ben Plotzker, Burlington
  202. Misty Porter, Burlington
  203. Maeve Farnum Rendino, Burlington
  204. Jacquelyn Reno, Burlington
  205. Emily Richards, Burlington
  206. Marilyn Richardson, Burlington
  207. Helen Rock, Burlington
  208. Allison Ruarks, Burlington
  209. Amy Russa-Perier, Burlington
  210. Lisa Rosen Ryan, Burlington
  211. Elizabeth A. Sanders, Burlington
  212. David Scherr, Burlington
  213. Elissa Schuett, Burlington
  214. Brian Searles, Burlington
  215. Michael Seaver, Burlington
  216. Cindy Shanks, Burlington
  217. Erinn Simon, Burlington
  218. Beal W. St. George, Burlington
  219. Lindsey Sterrett, Burlington
  220. K. Stones, Burlington
  221. Natalie Stroud, Burlington
  222. Clara Tatro, Burlington
  223. Angela M. Theiss, Burlington
  224. Kara Thomas, Burlington
  225. Nicole Thomas-Demeritt, Burlington
  226. Jessica Tomkowicz, Burlington
  227. Benjamin Traverse, Burlington
  228. Jenny P. Tremblay, Burlington
  229. Lisa Tulkop, Burlington
  230. Annette Urbschat, Burlington
  231. Drake Turner, Burlington
  232. Kirstin Van Luling, Burlington
  233. Brigid Vorce, Burlington
  234. Roxanne Vought, Burlington
  235. Jillian Waite, Burlington
  236. Anna Warnecke, Burlington
  237. Lauren Wentz, Burlington
  238. Jenn Whitby, Burlington
  239. Heloise Williams, Burlington
  240. Keith Williams, Burlington
  241. Zachary Williamson, Burlington
  242. Dodi Gomez, Cambridge
  243. Jessica Lane, Cambridge
  244. Lasah McMurray, Cambridge
  245. Tearsa Brannock, Castleton
  246. Alexandra Jakab, Castleton
  247. Carrie Lafond-Hurlburt, Castleton
  248. Karen McLaughlin, Castleton
  249. Michelle Traverse, Castleton
  250. Jackie Valentin, Castleton
  251. Kelly Gadouas, Cavendish
  252. Bonita Wright, Cavendish
  253. Kristina Brines, Charlotte
  254. Joanne Dennee, Charlotte
  255. Ann Dillenbeck, Charlotte
  256. Tammy Hall, Charlotte
  257. Jade McGillis, Charlotte
  258. Vera Simon-Nobes, Charlotte
  259. Brittany Slabaugh, Charlotte
  260. Lindsey Smith, Charlotte
  261. Julia Wayne, Charlotte
  262. Jody Lowes, Chelsea
  263. Suzanne Farrell, Chester
  264. Kathleen Karl, Chester
  265. Nancy Witherill, Chester
  266. Victoria Anguish, Colchester
  267. Catharine Bartone, Colchester
  268. Carriw Batchelder, Colchester
  269. Meghan Baule, Colchester
  270. Julie Brigante, Colchester
  271. Julianne Buechler, Colchester
  272. Danielle Bugbee, Colchester
  273. Becky Cootware, Colchester
  274. Hannah Cruickshanm, Colchester
  275. Sara Downes, Colchester
  276. Aimee Echelberger, Colchester
  277. Charles Elioseff, Colchester
  278. Bridget Everts, Colchester
  279. Angela Fortier, Colchester
  280. Allison Gardner, Colchester
  281. Rachel Gray, Colchester
  282. Lisa Guerrero, Colchester
  283. Emily Guthrie, Colchester
  284. Nicole Haley, Colchester
  285. Katherine Hall, Colchester
  286. Brigitte LaChance, Colchester
  287. Colette LaChance, Colchester
  288. Joseph Landry, Colchester
  289. Nicole Mayette, Colchester
  290. Kaitlyn Pilla, Colchester
  291. Carolyn Riley, Colchester
  292. Trezanra Robertson, Colchester
  293. Julianne Seguin, Colchester
  294. Tammie Senesac, Colchester
  295. Allison Gardner, Colchester
  296. Amy September, Colchester
  297. Chris Van Genechten, Colchester
  298. Amber Van Zuilen, Colchester
  299. Mark Zammuto, Colchester
  300. Shayla M. Zammuto, Colchester
  301. Nancy Brochu, Concord
  302. Julia Berazneva, Cornwall
  303. Anna H. Betz, Cornwall
  304. Bethany Hill, Cornwall
  305. Kathy Reynolds, Cornwall
  306. Anne Hanson, Craftsbury
  307. Deborah McKinley, Craftsbury
  308. Kathi Faulkner, Cuttingsville
  309. Katherine Tourigny, Cuttingsville
  310. Sharon Turner, Danby
  311. Danielle Wilder, Danby
  312. Bethany Hale, Danville
  313. Jennifer Kinney, Derby
  314. Andrea Sambrook, Dorset
  315. Billie Slade, Dummerston
  316. Jake Wheeler, East Burke
  317. Cathy Lawrence, East Dorset
  318. Kendra Urquhart, East Dover
  319. Julie Johnson, East Fairfield
  320. Allison Gulka, East Hardwick
  321. Leanne Judkins, East Hardwick
  322. Madelief Becherer, East Montpelier
  323. Larry Fitch, East Montpelier
  324. Erin Green, East Montpelier
  325. Danielle Huston, East Montpelier
  326. Sarynna Morse, East Montpelier
  327. Christine Tullgren, East Thetford
  328. Liz Filskov, East Wallingford
  329. Susan S. Titterton, Elmore
  330. Amie Choiniere, Enosburg Falls
  331. Jessica Dewes, Enosburg Falls
  332. Betzi Sheperd, Enosburg Falls
  333. Trina Barnard, Essex Junction
  334. Rhoni Basden, Essex Junction
  335. Louann Beninati, Essex Junction
  336. Lillie Bleau, Essex Junction
  337. Priscilla Bouffard, Essex Junction
  338. Jacque Bressack, Essex Junction
  339. Grace Brouillette, Essex Junction
  340. Michele Campbell, Essex Junction
  341. Crina Andreea Condrea, Essex Junction
  342. Alexis Coplin, Essex Junction
  343. Karen Dolan, Essex Junction
  344. Sayde Dorain, Essex Junction
  345. Aricha Drury, Essex Junction
  346. Kristine Dunn, Essex Junction
  347. Lindy Dykema, Essex Junction
  348. Julie Elkins, Essex Junction
  349. Theresa Fox, Essex Junction
  350. Katie Giampa, Essex Junction
  351. Christina Goodwin, Essex Junction
  352. Caitlin Haxel, Essex Junction
  353. Joanna Houston, Essex Junction
  354. Dawn Irwin, Essex Junction
  355. David Irwin, Essex Junction
  356. Joanne H. Irwin, Essex Junction
  357. Sarah Jerger, Essex Junction
  358. Rachel Kauppila, Essex Junction
  359. Dorothy Kress, Essex Junction
  360. Lisa Kuehn, Essex Junction
  361. Colette Kulig, Essex Junction
  362. Randy Laba, Essex Junction
  363. Shauna LaRoche, Essex Junction
  364. Hannah Lindecke, Essex Junction
  365. Pauline Manning, Essex Junction
  366. Nicole Mayette, Essex Junction
  367. Laura Millar, Essex Junction
  368. Melinda Monroe, Essex Junction
  369. Katie Murphy, Essex Junction
  370. Elizabeth Nuckols, Essex Junction
  371. Gail Peck, Essex Junction
  372. Joanne Pillsbury, Essex Junction
  373. Karin Pollard, Essex Junction
  374. Trish Scharf, Essex Junction
  375. Paul Scharf, Essex Junction
  376. Patti L. Smith, Essex Junction
  377. Naomi Snelling, Essex Junction
  378. Missie Thurston, Essex Junction
  379. Tanya Vyhovsky, Essex Junction
  380. Adam Weaver, Essex Junction
  381. Hayley Welch, Essex Junction
  382. Paul Watson, Essex Junction
  383. Emily Wright, Essex Junction
  384. Melissa Audette, Fairfax
  385. Karen Hebert, Fairfax
  386. Jodie Millette, Fairfax
  387. Kristin Poirier, Fairfax
  388. Lynn Roberts, Fairfax
  389. Lara Scott, Fairfax
  390. Tiffany Sharp, Fairfax
  391. Jesse Suter, Fairfax
  392. Erin Thompson, Fairfax
  393. Ammie Collins, Fairlee
  394. Sherry Carlson, Ferrisburgh
  395. Scott McArdle, Ferrisburgh
  396. Cathy R. Reitz, Ferrisburgh
  397. Robert Rivard, Ferrisburgh
  398. Sandra Ross, Ferrisburgh
  399. Donna Rusik, Ferrisburgh
  400. Tina Lothian, Franklin
  401. Kimberly Meilleur, Georgia
  402. Dianne Carter, Glover
  403. Erin Clark, Grand Isle
  404. Amy Murray, Grand Isle
  405. Doris Sterling, Grand Isle
  406. Denise O’Neill, Graniteville
  407. Samantha Friend, Greensboro Bend
  408. Michelle Laflam, Greensboro Bend
  409. Britany Carpenter, Groton
  410. Dana Whitney Berry, Guilford
  411. Emma Hallowell, Guilford
  412. Ashley Moorhouse, Guilford
  413. Ann Zimmerman, Guilford
  414. Lindsey Johnson, Graniteville
  415. Jennifer Davison, Hardwick
  416. Deborah Kerwin, Hartford
  417. Bonnie Sargent, Hartland
  418. Amy Bouchard, Highgate Center
  419. Monica Darrah, Highgate Center
  420. Heidi Agan, Highgate Springs
  421. Halle Broido, Hinesburg
  422. Megan Butterfield, Hinesburg
  423. Amy Carlson, Hinesburg
  424. Maisie Howard, Hinesburg
  425. Barbara Levy, Hinesburg
  426. Sara Lovitz, Hinesburg
  427. Allison Mahoney, Hinesburg
  428. Jen Olson, Hinesburg
  429. Jessica Riley, Hinesburg
  430. Ann Savioli, Hinesburg
  431. Katherine Robinson Schubart, Hinesburg
  432. Jenifer Fortman, Hyde Park
  433. Jennifer Foehr McKenzie, Irasburg
  434. John Zuppa, Island Pond
  435. Kristy Crawford, Jacksonville
  436. Julie Curtin, Jeffersonville
  437. Michael Curtin, Jeffersonville
  438. Clarissa French, Jeffersonville
  439. Ashley Riendeau, Jeffersonville
  440. Debra Brewbaker, Jericho
  441. Ian Drury, Jericho
  442. Pamela Gibson, Jericho
  443. Stephanie Loscalzo, Jericho
  444. Angela Mendieta, Jericho
  445. Julie Myers, Jericho
  446. Lynne Robbins, Jericho
  447. Beth Rusnock, Jericho
  448. Beverly Smith, Jericho
  449. Nicole Stefanowicz, Jericho
  450. Brittany Waelde, Jericho
  451. Laura Branca, Johnson
  452. Penny Cote, Johnson
  453. Karen Garbarino, Johnson
  454. Shayne Spence, Johnson
  455. Shelley E. Sayward, Killington
  456. Christine M. Birong-Smith, Lincoln
  457. Kerry Malloy, Lincoln
  458. Nicholas Smith, Lincoln
  459. Su White, Lincoln
  460. Jackie Borella, Londonderry
  461. Maryann Morris, Londonderry
  462. Katie Doaner, Lowell
  463. Kathleen Bixby, Ludlow
  464. Lisa Schmidt, Ludlow
  465. Summers Williams, Ludlow
  466. Lynn Macie, Lunenburg
  467. Amber Bollman, Lyndon
  468. Betsy Bailey, Lyndonville
  469. Jeni Bigelow, Lyndonville
  470. Terri Hunter, Lyndonville
  471. Lucie Daley, Manchester Center
  472. Elisabeth Marx, Manchester Center
  473. Laurie Metcalfe, Manchester Center
  474. Maggie Rubick, Manchester Center
  475. James Sawtelle, Manchester Center
  476. Elizabeth Sherman, Manchester Center
  477. Jennifer Piper, Mendon
  478. Emily Blistein, Middlebury
  479. Nathan Clark, Middlebury
  480. Megan Brakeley, Middlebury
  481. Linda January, Middlebury
  482. Fred Kenney, Middlebury
  483. Marjorie Davis Mangham, Middlebury
  484. Katie McMurray, Middlebury
  485. Kylie Wolgamott, Middlebury
  486. Michael Bloomer, Middlesex
  487. Ansley Bloomer, Middlesex
  488. Rebakka DiLauro, Middlesex
  489. Randy George, Middlesex
  490. Angela Haynes, Middletown Springs
  491. Rosemary Moser, Middletown Springs
  492. Cindy Beaudoin-Valyou, Milton
  493. Meredith Breiland, Milton
  494. Aislyn Allen, Milton
  495. Jessica Brooks, Milton
  496. Laura Butler, Milton
  497. Mark Butler, Milton
  498. Alecia Daunais, Milton
  499. Tiffany Davis, Milton
  500. Ryan Dulude, Milton
  501. Vickie Elwood, Milton
  502. Rosamaria Fay, Milton
  503. Emily Fischl, Milton
  504. Casey Fredenburgh, Milton
  505. Shanon Gotsch, Milton
  506. Kendra Greene, Milton
  507. Sharon Halnon, Milton
  508. Sue Hathaway, Milton
  509. Jennifer Hemingway, Milton
  510. Emily Houston, Milton
  511. Jennifer Jackman, Milton
  512. Jessica Lavee, Milton
  513. Sara Leblanc, Milton
  514. David Leblanc, Milton
  515. Cassandra Marshall, Milton
  516. Riley Maskell, Milton
  517. Laurie Monty, Milton
  518. Dylan Morgan, Milton
  519. Nichole Morgan, Milton
  520. Vikki Patterson, Milton
  521. Allison Pelski, Milton
  522. Olivia Perek-Clark, Milton
  523. Michellyn Perras, Milton
  524. Katelin Roberts, Milton
  525. Diane Russell, Milton
  526. Caitlin Scarborough, Milton
  527. Hillary Schmid, Milton
  528. Whitney Sevey, Milton
  529. Ashley Smith, Milton
  530. Sarah Trieb, Milton
  531. Candace Truso, Milton
  532. Lillian Tuttle, Milton
  533. Erica Ward, Milton
  534. Eric Yoshikawa, Milton
  535. Sarah Borodaeff, Montgomery Center
  536. Alexandra Jackson, Montgomery Center
  537. Genevieve Lodal-Guild, Montgomery Center
  538. Kate Abdel-Fatah, Montpelier
  539. Aubrey Boyles, Montpelier
  540. Lori Bowman, Montpelier
  541. Gretchen Elias, Montpelier
  542. Tim Flynn, Montpelier
  543. Scott Fortney, Montpelier
  544. Laura Franske, Montpelier
  545. John Hollar, Montpelier
  546. Gary Holloway, Montpelier
  547. Stephanie Kucinskas, Montpelier
  548. Matt Levin, Montpelier
  549. Tom H. MacLeay, Montpelier
  550. Charlotte E. MacLeay, Montpelier
  551. Samara Mays, Montpelier
  552. Lawrence Miller, Montpelier
  553. Anne Mills, Montpelier
  554. Deanna Murray, Montpelier
  555. Caitlin Patterson, Montpelier
  556. Edward Roden, Montpelier
  557. Vicky Senni, Montpelier
  558. Angela Shea, Montpelier
  559. Lindsey Sterrett, Montpelier
  560. Christy Swenson, Montpelier
  561. Joanna Vonculin, Montpelier
  562. Judy Walke, Montpelier
  563. J. Meredith Warner, Montpelier
  564. Mary Zentara, Montpelier
  565. Catrina Brackett, Moretown
  566. Susannah Cowden, Moretown
  567. Kim Keiser, Moretown
  568. Leslie Polubinski, Moretown
  569. Richard Savory, Moretown
  570. Hannah Skalecke, Moretown
  571. Laurie Rapp, Morristown
  572. Gail Beck, Morrisville
  573. Karalyn Burke, Morrisville
  574. Matt Carrell, Morrisville
  575. Suzanne Conrad, Morrisville
  576. Kathy Cookson, Morrisville
  577. Meghan Duff, Morrisville
  578. Melissa Merriam, Morrisville
  579. Katie Oram, Morrisville
  580. Sara Pennock, Morrisville
  581. Susan Rich, Morrisville
  582. Steacy Suddaby, Morrisville
  583. Patricia Thompson, Morrisville
  584. Lorraine Vernet, Morrisville
  585. Lisa Vinick, Morrisville
  586. Nicole Walker, Morrisville
  587. Sarah Lincoln, North Ferrisburgh
  588. Dawna Slarve, North Hartland
  589. Kathi Apgar, New Haven
  590. Shelley Bartsch, New Haven
  591. Ashley Bessette, New Haven
  592. Krysta Griffith, New Haven
  593. Amethyst Peaslee, New Haven
  594. Candy Steadman, New Haven
  595. Patrick Ciriello, Newbury
  596. Kristine Arnold, Newfane
  597. Allie McFalls, Newfane
  598. Luella Strattner, Newfane
  599. Louise Bouffard, Newport
  600. Lisa Duncan, Newport
  601. Sherrilynn Proctor, Newport
  602. Shannon Toupin, Newport
  603. Heather Armell, North Ferrisburgh
  604. Maria Collette, North Ferrisburgh
  605. Teresa Davis, North Ferrisburgh
  606. David Torres, North Ferrisburgh
  607. Kathryn Torres, North Ferrisburgh
  608. Barbara Burrington, North Hero
  609. Carol Egan, North Hero
  610. Melanie Harris, North Pownal
  611. Nancy Allen, North Troy
  612. Mariecarmen Bouchard, North Troy
  613. Amanda Fortin, North Troy
  614. Christina Nelson, North Troy
  615. Kathleen Burroughs, Northfield
  616. Denise MacMartin, Northfield
  617. Ryan Madison, Northfield
  618. Christa Wells, Northfield
  619. Sandy Bailey, Norwich
  620. Thomas Chen, Norwich
  621. Rachel Coombs, Norwich
  622. Keith Loud, Norwich
  623. Allison S. Moskow, Norwich
  624. Arwen Northern, Norwich
  625. Robin Rice Voigt, Norwich
  626. Jenny Williams, Norwich
  627. Adele Blaisdell, Orange
  628. Joanne Giannino, Orleans
  629. Lisa Moore, Pawlet
  630. Diana J. Senturia, Peacham
  631. Anne Adams, Pittsford
  632. Jean Cadorette, Plainfield
  633. Nolwenn Renault, Plainfield
  634. Amanda Rigatti, Plainfield
  635. Ruth Brisson, Plymouth
  636. Cynthia Hier, Poultney
  637. Jamison Lerner, Poultney
  638. Emily Sinnott, Poultney
  639. Ina Smith Johnson, Poultney
  640. Andrea Wright, Poultney
  641. Cheryl Gerow, Pownal
  642. Jennifer Nelson, Pownal
  643. Heather Martin, Proctor
  644. Amanda Clark, Proctorsville
  645. Elizabeth Christie, Putney
  646. Luke Euphrat, Putney
  647. Priscilla Tansley, Putney
  648. Holly Bee, Quechee
  649. Logan Seely, Quechee
  650. Lisa Delegato, Randolph
  651. Melanie Dewey, Randolph
  652. Louis DiNicola, Randolph
  653. Patsy French, Randolph
  654. Eliza Giroux, Randolph
  655. Irene Rich, Randolph
  656. Eric Sakai, Randolph
  657. Christine Settles, Randolph Center
  658. Carmen Vande Griek, Randolph Center
  659. Destiny Lawyer, Reading
  660. Briana Terwilliger, Richford
  661. Lindsey Chamberlin, Richmond
  662. Rosalyn Elliott, Richmond
  663. Erin Gilmer, Richmond
  664. April Hayes, Richmond
  665. Ali Hull, Randolph
  666. Ellen Kraft, Richmond
  667. Jenny Lyle, Richmond
  668. Amy May, Richmond
  669. Allison Miller, Richmond
  670. Racheal Ouellette, Richmond
  671. Susanne Parent, Richmond
  672. Charlotte Phillips, Richmond
  673. Evelyn Rolfe, Richmond
  674. Whitney Smith, Richmond
  675. Christina Timrud, Richmond
  676. Burleigh Griffith, Rochester
  677. Janice McCann, Rochester
  678. Jane Pincus, Roxbury
  679. Kathy Allen, Rutland
  680. Alicia Ayles, Rutland
  681. Stephanie Carvey, Rutland
  682. Sue Clark, Rutland
  683. Charity Coon, Rutland
  684. Anissa DeLauri, Rutland
  685. Judie Donahue, Rutland
  686. Lisa Ebbighausen, Rutland
  687. Mark Thomas Foley, Rutland
  688. Marilyn Garrow, Rutland
  689. Elizabeth King, Rutland
  690. Rebecca Murray, Rutland
  691. Jody Smith, Rutland
  692. Heather J. Stevenson, Rutland
  693. Stacy Sturtevant, Rutland
  694. Kelley Todriff, Rutland
  695. Paula Townsend, Rutland
  696. Caroline Bouvier, Saint Albans
  697. Suzanne Butterfield, Saint Albans
  698. Kellie Campbell, Saint Albans
  699. Katie Driver, Saint Albans
  700. Lisa Ellis, Saint Albans
  701. Jennifer Konrad, Saint Albans
  702. Nicole Leonard, Saint Albans
  703. Kathleen L’Esperance, Saint Albans
  704. Marlene Marcano, Saint Albans
  705. Brittany Porter, Saint Albans
  706. Maria Richards, Saint Albans
  707. Karl Speirs, Saint Albans
  708. Allison Wannop, Saint George
  709. Sarah Baxter, Saint Johnsbury
  710. Alison Bergman, Saint Johnsbury
  711. Cindy Boyce, Saint Johnsbury
  712. Jasmine Domenick, Saint Johnsbury
  713. Dawn Gingras, Saint Johnsbury
  714. Melanie Ilsley, Saint Johnsbury
  715. Ann Moore, Saint Johnsbury
  716. Amy Putvain, Saint Johnsbury
  717. Katherine Rice, Saint Johnsbury
  718. David Snedeker, Saint Johnsbury
  719. April Zajko, Saint Johnsbury
  720. Ultima Danforth, Salisbury
  721. Amy Rubright, Salisbury
  722. Kerianne Severy, Salisbury
  723. Betsy Rathbun-Gunn, Sandgate
  724. Rose LaCroix, Shaftsbury
  725. Ashley Paquin, Shaftsbury
  726. Maryjane Sarvis, Shaftsbury
  727. Irma Shortsleeve, Shaftsbury
  728. Margot Holmes, Sharon
  729. Beverly Boget, Shelburne
  730. Elsa Bosma, Shelburne
  731. Jessica C. Brumsted, Shelburne
  732. Tammy Colquhoun, Shelburne
  733. Anne Crowley, Shelburne
  734. Suzanne Furry-Irish, Shelburne
  735. Didi Harris, Shelburne
  736. Amanda Herzberger, Shelburne
  737. Abby Hill, Shelburne
  738. Lisa Jensen, Shelburne
  739. Kristin Knight, Shelburne
  740. Julie Koehler, Shelburne
  741. Jennifer Leopold, Shelburne
  742. Mary Mac Ewan, Shelburne
  743. Christine Mitchell, Shelburne
  744. Aisha Mueller, Shelburne
  745. Annie Novak, Shelburne
  746. Anne Powell, Shelburne
  747. Sonja Raymond, Shelburne
  748. Betsy Rosenbluth, Shelburne
  749. Terri Severance, Shelburne
  750. Tom Shotwell, Shelburne
  751. Julia Snapp, Shelburne
  752. Jessika Sprunger, Shelburne
  753. Kelsey Sullivan, Shelburne
  754. Katie Tyler, Shelburne
  755. Lynn Wolfe, Shelburne
  756. William Wright, Shelburne
  757. Lisa Zengilowski, Shelburne
  758. Katherine Anger, South Burlington
  759. Karin Bell, South Burlington
  760. Kathleen Benitez Martinez, South Burlington
  761. Janelle Blake, South Burlington
  762. Amy Bolger, South Burlington
  763. Sherra Bourget, South Burlington
  764. Nicole Breslend, South Burlington
  765. Alison Card, South Burlington
  766. Jessica Cohn, South Burlington
  767. Candace Condry-Bowles, South Burlington
  768. Jill Coombs, South Burlington
  769. Veronica Darragh, South Burlington
  770. Katherine Dolbec, South Burlington
  771. Rosella Duarte, South Burlington
  772. Lewis First, South Burlington
  773. Hillary Gorby, South Burlington
  774. Stephanie Gratz, South Burlington
  775. Lori Henry, South Burlington
  776. Hannah Holbrook, South Burlington
  777. Matthew Hollander, South Burlington
  778. Barbara P. Lande, South Burlington
  779. Danielle Manahan, South Burlington
  780. Brynne Martin, South Burlington
  781. Meghan McGrath, South Burlington
  782. Lori Meyer, South Burlington
  783. Victoria Olteanu, South Burlington
  784. Heather Osborne, South Burlington
  785. Holly Painter, South Burlington
  786. Holly Rivers, South Burlington
  787. Matgaret Rutledge, South Burlington
  788. Jennifer Severance, South Burlington
  789. Dee Smith, South Burlington
  790. Christina Thompson, South Burlington
  791. Lisa Ventriss, South Burlington
  792. Lynn Vera, South Burlington
  793. Valerie Williams, South Burlington
  794. Manuel Iglesias Fernández, South Duxbury
  795. Elaine Chasse, South Hero
  796. Alisha Coppola, South Hero
  797. Jamie Rainville, South Hero
  798. Charlene Velho, South Hero
  799. Michele Winters, South Hero
  800. Leila Lawrence, South Londonderry
  801. Lisa Harris, South Newfane
  802. Ann Behremovic, South Pomfret
  803. Martha Adams, South Royalton
  804. Melissa Frary, South Royalton
  805. Bridgett Taylor, South Royalton
  806. Dena Wilkie, South Royalton
  807. Joyce Maura, South Woodstock
  808. Jessica Austin, Springfield
  809. Jennifer Berquist, Springfield
  810. Joey Claflin, Springfield
  811. Holly Cole, Springfield
  812. Heather Kilburn, Springfield
  813. Katie Lacasse, Springfield
  814. Jazmin McNeill, Springfield
  815. Laura Ryan, Springfield
  816. Carol Stone, Springfield
  817. Sharon Barton, Saint George
  818. Penny Blanchette-Lucia, Saint George
  819. Taylor Hall, Starksboro
  820. Susan Pare, Starksboro
  821. Jennifer Ryan, Starksboro
  822. Lindsay Baumann, Stowe
  823. Liz Connolly, Stowe
  824. Mary Evslin, Stowe
  825. Mark Leipert, Stowe
  826. Lili Martin, Stowe
  827. Reeva Marie Murphy, Stowe
  828. Jennifer Slen, Stowe
  829. Sarah Tousignant, Stowe
  830. Janette Arel, Swanton
  831. Heidi Evans, Swanton
  832. Amanda Fialkievicz, Swanton
  833. Lisa Meunier, Swanton
  834. Debra Terwilliger, Swanton
  835. Judith Trombley, Swanton
  836. Tammie Hazlett, Thetford Center
  837. Jim Masland, Thetford Center
  838. Susan McCaslin, Thetford Center
  839. Elizabeth Zandstra, Topsham
  840. Nacelle Winrich, Townshend
  841. Barbara Acebo -Constantine, Troy
  842. Kristyn Dumont Achilich, Underhill
  843. Danielle Edwards, Underhill
  844. Megan Godfrey, Underhill
  845. Jeanine Wixson, Underhill
  846. Amy Barr, Vergennes
  847. Gretchen Beloin, Vergennes
  848. Abby Blum, Vergennes
  849. Dennielle Brinkman, Vergennes
  850. Amy Conant, Vergennes
  851. Molly Haney, Vergennes
  852. Emily Hawes, Vergennes
  853. Mark Koenig, Vergennes
  854. Lisa LaRue, Vergennes
  855. Cheryl Mitchell, Vergennes
  856. Jennifer Odonnell, Vergennes
  857. Erin Roche, Vergennes
  858. Karly Rogers, Vergennes
  859. Kristy Sargent, Vergennes
  860. Ruth Williams, Vergennes
  861. Robin Therrien, Vernon
  862. Melanie Zinn, Vernon
  863. Sarah Wright, Vershire
  864. Kathryn Alexander, Waitsfield
  865. Dana Donaldson, Waitsfield
  866. Kira Harris, Waitsfield
  867. Kelly Hayes, Waitsfield
  868. Ryan Kraman, Waitsfield
  869. Danielle Livingston, Waitsfield
  870. Catherine Naden, Waitsfield
  871. Lisa Palmer, Waitsfield
  872. Neshamah Guzman, Warren
  873. Shelby Semmes, Warren
  874. Kate Wanner, Warren
  875. Hayley Wilson, Warren
  876. Emily Chamberlain Adams, Waterbury
  877. Naomi Alfini, Waterbury
  878. Deborah Dondzik, Waterbury
  879. Abby Fish, Waterbury
  880. Lauren Lande, Waterbury
  881. Rose Lovett, Waterbury
  882. Samantha Loy, Waterbury
  883. Paula Nadeau, Waterbury
  884. Amanda Olney, Waterbury
  885. Megan Stapleton, Waterbury
  886. Lindsay Baumann, Waterbury Center
  887. Alice Boucher, Waterbury Center
  888. Kelley Hackett, Waterbury Center
  889. Elsa Levy, Waterbury Center
  890. Jane Murray, Waterbury Center
  891. Sue Minter, Waterbury Center
  892. Victoria Ward, Waterbury Center
  893. Lisa Hale, Waterford
  894. Deb Nevil, Waterville
  895. Trista Burns, Wells River
  896. Bruce Richards, Wells River
  897. Kris Cameron, West Brookfield
  898. Abigail Montgomery, West Burke
  899. Carol Guest, West Dover
  900. Erica Smith, West Dummerston
  901. Gena Wener, West Rutland
  902. Kate Rideout, West Wardsboro
  903. Kara Von Behren, Westford
  904. Paul Millman, Westminster
  905. Ilana Snyder, Weybridge
  906. Loretta Allen, White River Junction
  907. Maggie Burnett, White River Junction
  908. Kelly Garcia, White River Junction
  909. Jessica Gordon, White River Junction
  910. Jenn Parker, White River Junction
  911. Nancy Russell, White River Junction
  912. Kate Lafayette, Whiting
  913. Kayla Bartlett, Whitingham
  914. Lyndsay Bushey-Hesselbach, Whitingham
  915. Janet Poeton, Williamstown
  916. Lydia Reed, Williamstown
  917. Roy Cutting, Williamsville
  918. Heather Newell, Williamsville
  919. Rachel Allard, Williston
  920. Katie Beneke, Williston
  921. Jody Blanchard, Williston
  922. Erin Bostwick, Williston
  923. Esther Caballero-Manrique, Williston
  924. Joanna Conant, Williston
  925. Anne-Marie Edwards, Williston
  926. Tere Gade, Williston
  927. Natalie Glynn, Williston
  928. Seth F. Hibbert, Williston
  929. Kathryn Hibbert, Williston
  930. Anore Horton, Williston
  931. Nephel Howard, Williston
  932. Aiza Many, Williston
  933. Laurel Pelkey-Morin, Williston
  934. Ellyn Poquette, Williston
  935. Matthew Reese, Williston
  936. Rachel Smith, Williston
  937. Nina Tomes, Williston
  938. Tabitha Tucker, Williston
  939. Emily Weinstein, Williston
  940. Carolyn Wesley, Williston
  941. Anita Williger, Williston
  942. Hadley King, Wilmington
  943. Apryl Blake, Windsor
  944. Sherry Boudro, Windsor
  945. S.F. Carter, Windsor
  946. Holly Rheaume, Windsor
  947. Makenzie Witzgall, Windsor
  948. Sherridan Beyer, Winooski
  949. Abby Bleything, Winooski
  950. Mary Cabral, Winooski
  951. Elizabeth Casey, Winooski
  952. Robin Cassidy, Winooski
  953. Shelby Davis, Winooski
  954. Melissa Myrick Dubay, Winooski
  955. Paige Feeser, Winooski
  956. Linda Gregoire, Winooski
  957. Catherine Horner, Winooski
  958. Alison Lamagna, Winooski
  959. Kelley Lind, Winooski
  960. Collin Love, Winooski
  961. Stephanie MacKevich, Winooski
  962. Anya Miller, Winooski
  963. Anna Mumford, Winooski
  964. Annalee Pratt, Winooski
  965. Chelsea Reynolds, Winooski
  966. Sean Rossi, Winooski
  967. Sofia Silverglass, Winooski
  968. David Stevenson, Winooski
  969. Susan Treadwell, Winooski
  970. Dominique Viteretto, Winooski
  971. Holly Gaspar, Woodstock
  972. Jessica Laperle, Woodstock
  973. Laura White, Woodstock
  974. Kimberly Bolduc, Worcester
  975. Kathleen Bookchin, Worcester