Jun 19, 2014The Charlotte News
Sera Anderson

One thing I hope to accomplish as Mrs. Vermont 2014 is to provide support to the children of Vermont. After becoming a mother, I realized how important the well-being of a child is to our communities, our future and to the foundation of our state and nation. If we can’t bring up healthy children and make their well-being a priority, then we are doing a disservice to humanity.

I recently became a campaign ambassador for Let’s Grow Kids, a privately funded, statewide, public education campaign about the importance of giving our children a quality early experience to help them succeed in life. Surprisingly, new reports by Building Bright Futures and the Vermont Agency of Education show that kindergarten-age children are worse off than we previously thought, with 40 to 50 percent of children showing up for kindergarten unprepared.

As part of this great campaign, I attended the field training and planning day and have participated in spreading the word at the many local events such as Kids’ Days and Lund’s 6 Annual Ride for Children. In the future, the campaign is offering speakers bureau training to anyone interested in speaking to and educating our communities. I will also be attending a few of the local events throughout Vermont and continuing to support this campaign.

I urge you to focus on the first years in your children’s lives and help us spread the word. Please join this campaign as an ambassador to connect with Vermonters about the importance of the earliest years. Go to  letsgrow kids.org and sign our pledge!

Sera Anderson, Mrs. Vermont 2014
North Pasture Lane

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