Sep 12, 2016Rutland Herald
Tom King
Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is a good construction boss, but he’s not the kind of politician we need here in Vermont for governor. 
Cutting spending on child protective services and day care, as well as women’s health services like Planned Parenthood, would be his ideas for a Gov. Phil Scott state. We already have big issues with DCF and the need for more, not less, child abuse prevention services. If Scott cuts these early childhood programs that identify children who are at risk and provide counseling services to parents, the child abuse and neglect cases will skyrocket. 
I’ve seen this happen first-hand. I worked at SRS (now DCF) for 20 years as a child protective services worker and saw child abuse cases double in just a couple years after cuts in spending. Now, the number of children being court-ordered into DCF custody has doubled. That’s because of drug abuse and the child abuse and neglect that addiction creates. 
So, by Scott cutting spending, it will create more problems and the children will be the ones who suffer. In addition, closing down Planned Parenthood will affect the poor women who depend on them for health care, not the others who have private insurance.
Focusing on building a solid bridge between families and early childhood services will reduce the number of abused children and the number of kids in DCF custody. It takes money to pay for counseling and child care services and Phil Scott wants to cut spending, not increase it. 

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