Feb 23, 2017Bennington Banner
Laurie Metcalfe
I am very excited for Early Childhood Day at the Legislature (ECDL), on March 15. Over a dozen child care providers and community members from across the state are organizing the Rally for Kids, which will be held during ECDL. This rally will be a great chance for parents, providers and community members to come together in Montpelier to show our solidarity on prioritizing public investments in child care in Vermont. We have been working closely with the Vermont Early Childhood Alliance to make the Rally for Kids a seamless part of the day's agenda. We hope you'll join us at the Rally for Kids at 1 p.m. on the State House steps. You can register for the Rally for Kids at this link: http://www.letsgrowkids.org/rally. We will be taking a bus from Bennington to get as many supporters as possible to the rally. Please join us in representing young children in Southern Vermont. Bus reservation requests may be sent to lmetcalfe@sunrisepcc.com. Please help us to turn out excited parents, providers, business owners, and other community members in support of Vermont's youngest children. With your help, the collective voice from this rally will reach the desks of every Vermont legislator. 
— Laurie Metcalfe, early care & education director, Sunrise Family Resource Center

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