Oct 26, 2017
Let's Grow Kids
In an effort to unify and empower Vermont advocates for high-quality, affordable child care and to bring public exposure to our movement, Let’s Grow Kids recently worked with local musicians Chris Dorman (Mister Chris) and Kat Wright to develop a new anthem for kids and hosted a parade and flash mob featuring the anthem in downtown Burlington on October 1st. The event was sponsored by Dealer.com. The video production company Urban Rhino donated its services to film the event and produce the "Something Beautiful" music video below. 

More than 1,000 advocates for high-quality, affordable child care and young children from around the state attended the Kids Out Loud! event. The event called attention to Vermont's critical shortage of high-quality, affordable child care. In response, hundreds of participants signed Let's Grow Kids' Petition in support of investing in Vermont’s youngest children, joining the 10,500 Vermonters who had already signed.
This January, Let's Grow Kids will be advocating in the Vermont legislature to increase access to high-quality, affordable child care for the thousands of children who currently have no access and delivering Petition signatures to legislators. 
More than 70% of Vermont children under age 6 have all of their parents in the labor force, meaning they're likely to need care. Yet, nearly half of those infants and toddlers don't have access to any regulated care, and nearly 80% don't have access to high-quality programs. The "Something Beautiful" music video was created to inspire Vermonters to join the movement in support of increasing access to high-quality, affordable child care to better support Vermont's children, families, communities and economy. 


Is there a place to download this song?
Thanks! Great work!

There sure is! You can download it right here.

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