Energize and organize your community around a better future for Vermont kids with an aspirational, family-friendly event: a Kids Out Loud flash mob!

On this page you'll find the tools you need to plan and execute a successful event:

"Something Beautiful," the Anthem for Kids









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What is Kids Out Loud?

Kids Out Loud was an event created by Let's Grow Kids in 2017 that featured a new anthem for kids written and recorded by Vermont musicians, with accompanying dance movements made by a Vermont choreographer. 

The purpose of the event was to unite and inspire the growing statewide movement for affordable access to high-quality child care. 

The event was held on October 1st, 2017 on the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, VT, with 1,000 parents and kids in capes, who marched, sang and danced for change. To see footage from the event, watch the music video to the right.



“Something Beautiful”
composition © Chris Dorman & Kat Wright
recording ℗ 2017 Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children

Written & composed by: Chris Dorman, Kat Wright
Produced by: Let’s Grow Kids
Arrangement support: Bob Wagner, Mark Sustic
Lead Singers: Chris Dorman, Kat Wright
Musicians: Chris Dorman, Bob Wagner, Josh Weinstein, Urian Hackney, Shane Hardiman, Brett Lanier
Back-up singers: Megan Butterfield, Anna Gebhardt, Sarah Weinstein, Erin Kranichfeld, Lulu Barr-Brandt, Clio Barr-Brandt, Liam Westdijk, Bea Ishee, Sidney Ishee , Leviah Gebhardt, Bob Wagner, Josh Weinstein
Sound Engineer: Oliver Gebhardt
Choreography: Lois Trombley


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