Sharing your thoughts or personal story with Vermont's elected officials is one of the most impactful ways you can make change. Elected officials want to know where their constituents stand on important issues and, by speaking up, you will ensure that child care is a priority during the legislative session.

You can use this tool to find the state representatives and state senators in your district as well as statewide officials and email them directly from our website.

In addition, you can see if your representatives have:

  • Provided a statement in support or opposition to efforts to develop a high-quality, affordable early care and learning system
  • Detailed what they would do to ensure there is sufficient capacity to meet the needs of Vermont families with young children; and
  • Recommended how to fund a high-quality, affordable system in our state.

If they have not provided statements, please email them to encourage them to take a stand for Vermont's youngest children and to support major new investments in child care. If they have, please send your thanks!

If you're a legislator or a statewide public official in Vermont who would like to contribute or edit your statement, please email our content manager.

Search for legislators in your district and officials statewide by entering your home address.