Jan 05, 2017
Let's Grow Kids

Let’s Grow Kids applauds Governor Phil Scott’s emphasis on the need to increase investments in our early education system for the health of our children, families, businesses and economy.
Governor Scott affirmed that “investment in early education is a proven approach to reducing special education and health care costs.”
He went on to say: “That’s why we must rethink our entire education spectrum. Everything from early childhood education and graduate school to tech programs, workforce training and adult learning. We can revitalize the entire system, so we no longer have to accept rising taxes and compromises in the quality of our children’s education.”
We know from extensive research that ensuring all children have access to quality care is critical to our efforts to grow the state’s economy and prepare our kids for success in the future. The governor acknowledged that growing our businesses and workforce must include a greater focus on our state’s early care and education system. 
Governor Scott challenged early educators “to be passionate, positive advocates for change.” 
The Blue Ribbon Commission on High Quality, Affordable Child Care released its report in November and highlighted some important steps we must take now to begin to make progress on this issue. Chief among them is the need for enhanced support for families through the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP), which offers tuition assistance in support of families whose children need access to early care and learning programs. Increasing investments in Vermont’s tuition assistance program is the most strategic way to address affordability and accessibility challenges while also improving the quality of the early care and learning programs. 
We recognize it will take time to build a system that provides all Vermont children equal opportunity to realize their full potential. We are prepared to join Governor Scott in being “bold together” and are excited for the work ahead. Congratulations to the governor and all those sworn in to serve this week.

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