Nov 10, 2016ABC Local 22 and FOX Local 44
Brittney Hibbs

Child care is expensive for families in the state of  Vermont, oftentimes parents spend 40% of their income on childcare.  Child care is not just expensive, it's also hard to access. 
In the state, nearly 80% of infants and toddlers don't have access to high quality affordable childcare and around 50% don't have access to any regulated care.
So what is being done to help? 
A local organization "Let's Grow Kids" is working hard to solve this. For more information on the groups efforts and how you can help go to its website at
Note from Let's Grow Kids: This 4-minute story includes interviews with Let's Grow Kids Campaign Director Robyn Freedner-Maguire; a devoted long-time home-based child care provider in Fairfax who has a waiting list that includes children who haven't even been born yet; and a working mom from Franklin County who feels lucky to have a place she can feel good about bringing her daughter to while she's at work, even if it means adding 45 minutes to her daily commute. Click here to watch the story online. 

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