May 06, 2014The Commons
Elizabeth Raposa

Getting kids ready for school means more than teaching them the alphabet, filling their backpacks, and getting them to the bus on time. It begins on the day they are born and continues through every experience they have.

Science tells us that 80 percent of a child’s brain is developed by age 3. For healthy brain development, children need a stimulating and healthy environment, responsive and supportive relationships, and freedom from persistent stress. The foundation built during this time sets the stage for future learning and socio-emotional development.

Let’s Grow Kids is a privately funded, statewide campaign to build public awareness about the importance of giving our children a quality early-learning experience. Seventy-two percent of Vermont children younger than 6 regularly receive non-parental care each week, so it is imperative that our child-care system be consistent in quality, accessibility, and affordability.

Children who have a quality early-learning experience do better in school, have better social and emotional skills, are more likely to graduate from college and ultimately achieve greater success in life.

Please visit to learn more and join this important movement.

Elizabeth Raposa

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