** Nominations are now closed for Round 7. Stay tuned for the next nomination period!**

We want to highlight the unsung heroes of early childhood—the educators, providers, parents, grandparents, business people, opinion leaders, policymakers and clergy who have demonstrated a commitment to the success of Vermont's youngest children that goes above and beyond. And we want your nominations!

Please share your personal story about how a person you know positively impacted the early childhood experiences of those you love.

We’ll recognize these Superheroes in various media statewide as part of our efforts to build awareness about the importance of early childhood. Here are a few pointers for nominating a potential Superhero:

  • Be personal. While we want to hear all about the person you’re nominating, we also want to know how their actions made a difference in other's lives.
  • Be specific. The most powerful and memorable stories include specific, real-life examples. Be sure to include the positive outcomes of this person’s actions.
  • Be concise. There's no specific limit on the length of your story, but you should try to communicate the essence of your story as clearly and concisely as possible.
  • Show us the "above and beyond"! While we're grateful to all Vermont professionals who are dedicating their careers to supporting children and families, we want to specially recognize those who've made an extra effort to go above and beyond.

Check out our previously recognized Superheroes here.

* Vermont Birth to Five mentors are eligible for Early Childhood Superhero awards. Please note, however, that all other permanent employees of the Permanent Fund, Let's Grow Kids and Vermont Birth to Five are not eligible for Early Childhood Superhero awards.

Thanks for helping us celebrate the small successes that point towards larger solutions—and the heroes and heroines forging the way!