Feb 01, 2017Shelburne News
Lauren Milideo
A group of children who attend Shelburne’s Puddle Jumpers Childcare recently showed off their artistic skills at Let’s Grow Kids in Burlington. A reception last Wednesday allowed children to share their latest works of art with their parents and community.
Let’s Grow Kids is a campaign to raise awareness of affordable and high-quality childcare’s importance for children’s early development. Let’s Grow Kids Campaign Director Robyn Freedner-Maguire noted that the art display, part of a series, provides an opportunity for children to show off their art at a “terrific space in the heart of Burlington’s art community.”
The theme for the children’s paintings was “houses,” and in addition to creating art to grace the wall at the downtown Let’s Grow Kids offices, the children of Puddle Jumpers shared their answers to the questions “What do we know?”, “What do we wonder?” and (after reading a book), “What did we learn about houses?”
Puddle Jumpers owner Elsa Bosma noted that the 10 enrolled children, ranging from one year to third grade, voted on the subject for their art. According to the children’s answers, couches seemed to be a consistently important component of houses.
As children pulled their parents and families over to point out their designs, Freedner-Maguire noted that Bosmer is a high-quality childcare provider. “It’s great to see the incredible work she does with kids.”

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