"I support prioritizing children and increasing public investments in high-quality, affordable child care to ensure every Vermont child has a strong start."


According to the Census Bureau, 7 out of 10 Vermont children under age 6 have all available parents in the labor force, meaning they’re likely to need child care in order to go to work. Yet, Vermont is experiencing a severe shortage of child care, which negatively impacts all levels of society—from the state’s children and working families to its businesses and economy:

  • Talented employees (most frequently women) are forced to leave their careers.
  • Special education costs are climbing.
  • Health care costs continue to rise.
  • Many families cannot afford the cost of living in Vermont, causing our population to decline.


Multiple studies have shown that access to high-quality child care is a key economic driver:

  • Working parents can retain their jobs, preserving their financial stability.
  • Businesses experiences greater productivity and retention of employees.
  • New families are attracted to live where they can access high-quality child care.
  • Children experience greater success in school and careers, and have better lifelong health.
  • Statewide costs in special education, health care, social welfare and corrections decrease.

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