Nathaniel, a parent from Guilford, highlights the importance of making child care financially accessible to a range of income levels.  

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We will not have enough high quality childcare to support the needs of all children until a time when we truly support all childcare businesses and teachers and take the unneeded stress and and finacial burdens of bussinesses and workers. We need to start at the root of the problem not the middle. Expecting more and more from overworked non supported, underpaid teachers, and businesses will not bring more quality childcare and as we've seen in recent months more and more childcare centers and homes have closed because once again Vermont didn't look at the root of the problem the framework from where is all starts, regulations and business practices, instead they put more and more regulations and restrictions on childcare and focused the problem on centers and homes. We'd love to pay workers more but with taxes, unemployment rates, etc, but we can't charge anymore as parents can't afford it, we can't hire staff we can not find and if we happen to we can pay them enough to keep them long term. CDD regulations should focus on safety and development of children on a realistic level and let state tax, irs, etc worry about business practices etc. The CDD has grossly over reached there hand yet again. Still very open ended regulations, very much open to interpretation that stands very greatly from what there department is meant to oversee. Most don't have a clue about the true realities of working in childcare truly looks like.
A small fraction of centers in the state can work under these conditions and that's only because of extra funding, donors, and connections meanwhile those places won't be fixing the problem is will be all the other centers and homes. We need to help and support all childcare, just not the top tier and only then will we truly be able to help and support all Vermont children.

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