Aug 12, 2016VT Digger
Elizabeth Hewitt
The financial assistance the state of Vermont offers for child care will increase later this month, the Department for Children and Families announced Thursday.
Lawmakers put an additional $1 million in the budget for fiscal year 2017 to fund a program that provides financial assistance for child care.
“It will allow us to make several changes that will benefit child care providers, parents and children in Vermont,” Reeva Murphy, deputy commissioner of the child development division of DCF, said in a statement.
As of Aug. 21, three changes to the funding system will go into effect.
The rate the state pays for child care for infants will increase by 3 percent.
Care of very young children is expensive, the release notes, and there is a significant gap between the rate that the state currently offers for the care of infants and the amount child care providers charge. The new funding will help close that gap.
The program will also update its formula to determine eligibility so that it is based on the 2016 federal poverty guidelines instead of the 2014 guidelines, which will make more families eligible.
The third change will make it possible for families at slightly higher incomes to get a small benefit to help cover the cost of child care. The maximum eligibility level will be increased from the current level of 200 percent of the federal poverty level to 300 percent.
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