Dec 16, 2016Vermont Business Magazine
Press Release
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) will focus efforts on redefining the definition of independent contractor and financing the clean up of the state’s lakes and rivers during the 2017 legislative session. The statewide business organization with more than 750 members announced these initiatives and others Thursday morning during a sold-out Legislative Breakfast at Main Street Landing in Burlington. The organization also honored Representative Helen Head, (D)-South Burlington, the chair of the House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee, with the Legislator of the Year Award for her work and leadership in helping pass key employment bills.
Head accepted the award at the meeting, before an audience of more than 150 people.
“I am deeply honored by this award,” Head said. “A team of legislators, starting with members of my committee, worked tirelessly to pass Paid Leave and Ban the Box. The effort to pass both bills was strengthened by inspiring testimony from business organizations. VBSR played a prominent role.”
VBSR’s 2017 legislative agenda also includes work on revamping state procurement practices to attract more “high road” employers, making quality child care more affordable for working Vermonters, and reforming the state’s tax code by putting a price on carbon.
VBSR’s Complete 2017 Legislative Agenda:
  • Reform state laws around the definition of independent contractor to allow for more flexibility while still retaining strong employment rights and protections for a vast majority of the Vermont workforce.
  • Change state procurement procedures to give incentives in state contracting to companies that create livable wage jobs with robust benefits.
  • Increase the opportunities for working families to find affordable and high quality child care so that talented employees can stay in the workforce.
  • Invest in a Clean Water Economy by cleaning up Lake Champlain and Vermont’s other waterways before our state brand and quality of life are irreparably harmed by the loss of these resources.
  • Reform Vermont’s tax code and make the state more economically competitive by putting an appropriate price on carbon pollution.
VBSR is a statewide, non-profit business association with a mission to advance business ethics that value people, planet, and profit. Through economic development, education, public influence, and networking, VBSR strives to help 750+ members set a high standard for protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of the state's residents, while remaining profitable. Learn more or join the cause at

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