Jul 21, 2016Brattleboro Reformer
Special to the Reformer
BRATTLEBORO — Vermont's Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care will host a public forum in Brattlebor on July 26, to learn from Vermonters about their child care needs and challenges.
The forum will be held starting at 5:30 p.m. at the new Winston Prouty Center at the Austine Campus.
This will be a listening forum, where the purpose is to hear from the public on the following three questions: What would help you the most with respect to accessing high-quality child care? What are the responsibilities of Vermont to help ensure all Vermonters have access to high-quality child care? What should we do to make accessible, high-quality child care more affordable in Vermont?
The Commission emphasizes that these forums are for parents of young children, providers, businesses, community members, and anyone who has an opinion about how Vermont should support our children and families. Additionally, the Commission will send out a survey after the forums to ensure everyone has a chance to respond to these questions even if they cannot attend.
If you would like to request a child care stipend to attend a forum, contact Jessica Blackman, Administrator, Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care at jessica.blackman@vermont.gov by July 22.
The Blue Ribbon Commission has been tasked with determining the total cost of providing equal access to voluntary, high quality, early care and education for all Vermont children, ages birth to 5; to work in coordination with ongoing efforts of Vermont's Early Learning Challenge — Race to the Top grant, Vermont's PreK Expansion Grant, and Vermont's implementation of 2014 Acts and Resolves No. 166 — Universal PreK; to examine current policies in Vermont's Child Care Financial Assistance Program in relation to national trends and innovation in subsidy practice; to review and identify all potentially available funding for high quality, affordable early care and education; and to explore possible funding sources for equal access to voluntary, high quality, early care and education, including investigating current tax credits, and public funding sources and the possible reallocation or expansion of tax and fee revenues.
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