A Policy Vision for Vermont’s Early Care & Learning System

Let’s Grow Kids believes that, as a state, we have allocated too few resources to supporting our youngest children, their families and the critical early childhood professionals who provide quality early care and learning programming. 

High-quality, affordable child care is not only good for our young children and families, it also makes smart economic sense. We all have a role to play in this work and we believe that the time is now to begin making concrete steps forward.
In order to meet the needs of Vermont’s young children and their families, Let’s Grow Kids envisions a voluntary, universal, high-quality early care and learning system for all Vermont children birth to five. We believe that the best place to start is in building on our current universal, high-quality pre-K program and pairing it with a high-quality, affordable child care system that meets the needs of all Vermont children. We believe that through additional analysis, community-led conversations about child, family and community needs, and collaborative dialogue, as recommended by Vermont’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care, Vermont can achieve an equitable, affordable and high-quality early care and learning system for children birth to five likely to need care by 2025. 



Supporting child and family needs

Strengthening and growing our early childhood workforce


Governance and administration



These five core components can help to ensure that the early care and learning system leverages existing knowledge, builds off best practices for early childhood development, addresses the needs of Vermont families and recognizes the critical role that our state’s early childhood professionals play in the lives of our children and our economy. Read more.


The best opportunity to prepare our children for success in life is during their first years, when the brain is developing most rapidly. During this time, a child’s brain forms more than one million new neural connections every second.

For 21,550 Vermont children age 5 and under who have all of their parents in the labor force, quality early care and learning programs play an important role in their early development.