Mar 06, 2015Waterbury Record
Joan White

Providing great early childhood care to all of Vermont’s children is one of the most important ethical issues we face. This year the legislature should pass a bill forming a Blue Ribbon Commission which will explore ways to finance high-quality, affordable childcare.

Vermont’s children all deserve a caring and stimulating environment where they can learn, grow, and play.

My infant son is lucky to have a caring nanny who plays games, reads books, and spends plenty of time nurturing him. Every time I come home he has learned something new, and he is always happy to see her. I wish every child could have such great care, but not every child is so lucky.

Between 40 and 50 percent of Vermont’s children are not prepared for kindergarten, which sets them at a disadvantage from the very beginning. Childcare is difficult to find and unaffordable for too many families. Around 72% of children under age 6 have all their parents in the workforce. With so many parents working to make ends meet, quality care outside the home is more important than ever.

That’s why we need a Blue Ribbon Commission to explore options for making great childcare available and affordable for all of our children.

Please sign the pledge at to show your support for quality early childhood experiences for all of Vermont’s kids.

Joan White
Waterbury, Vermont



Great point to discuss. Today going Preschool is necessary.

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