Kids Dressed as Heroes
Our Mission: Affordable access to high-quality child care for all Vermont families by 2025
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To achieve our mission, we are working with our partners throughout the state—including business, education and health care leaders, elected officials and local communities—to build a high-quality child care system, and our network of over 30,000 supporters includes dedicated volunteers who advocate for increased public investment in child care so that it’s affordable for Vermont’s families and early educators.

High-Quality, Affordable Child Care Will Help Build Confidence, Compassion and Opportunity in Vermont


Children learn to believe in themselves.

Parents know their kids are happy and learning in safe, high-quality programs.

Early educators are supported and empowered in their profession.


Kids develop empathy and understanding through meaningful connections that inspire trust.

Our culture is one that nurtures and cares for children and families.


Children are ready to thrive in school and are prepared for life's adventures.

Parents are able to make the best choices for their families and careers.

Early educators are valued for their expertise.

Businesses have a robust workforce and Vermont's economy grows.

Here's What We've Accomplished Together

30,000 Supporters across Vermont

“Volunteering with Let’s Grow Kids has inspired me to consider running for office so that I might be a stronger advocate for Vermont’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.”

Dawn Irwin, parent and early educator

1300 New and improved high-quality child care spaces added in 2018

“I truly enjoy helping to shape the lives of so many young Vermonters and to support their families. That’s why I’m proud to be an early educator. But for us early educators to succeed in preparing these kids for the future, we need the support of our community.”

Trisha Scharf, owner and director, Children Unlimited

76 Vermont legislators co-sponsored child care legislation in 2019

“When parents cannot find affordable child care, businesses lose out, communities lose out, our economy loses out.”

Becca Balint, state senate majority leader, Windham County

94% Of our budget is philanthropically funded

“Philanthropy always seeks to make a difference, to help solve problems or assist with positive change, but this project goes much further. The science and research tells us that this is the most powerful investment that we can make.”

Curtland E. Fields, president and CEO, Turrell Fund

65 Vermont health care leaders supporting healthier children and families via high-quality child care

“As health care providers, we know that investing in prevention is far more productive than paying all the costs of treatment. For this reason, we are working with Let’s Grow Kids to help bring about an affordable, sustainable system of quality child care in Vermont.”

John Brumsted, CEO, the University of Vermont Medical Center

293 Vermont business leaders supporting Vermont families' access to high-quality child care

“All Vermont businesses have a role to play in supporting a robust workforce that encourages young Vermonters to stay.”

John Casella, chairman, CEO and secretary, Casella Waste Systems, Inc.