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94% of our mission-critical income is philanthropically funded, while just 6% comes from local, state, and federal government grants.

Your investment means that affordable access to high-quality child care is within reach for more Vermont children and families, ensuring a bright future for our state, our families and our children for generations to come.

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Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children established

“We are creating a systems-level initiative to tackle our state's child care crisis by prioritizing investment in Vermont's youngest children. This is not only the right thing to do for our kids, it's the most promising way to build brighter tomorrows for them and for society in general."

—Rick Davis, co-founder, president and board chair of Let's Grow Kids (formerly the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children)


Funding collaborative convenes

“The Turrell Fund supports the creation and delivery of quality development and educational services to children. We are enthusiastic about our collaboration with Let's Grow Kids to develop a system of affordable, high-quality child care in Vermont that can serve as a model for the nation.”

—Curtland E. Fields, president and CEO of the Turrell Fund


Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative program launches

"By providing financial and technical support to create partnerships between school districts and qualified early educators, the Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative helped expand programs to better serve 3-and-4-year-olds and their families.  VCPC was instrumental in paving the way for universal access to pre-K in Vermont."

—Eddie Gale, Vermont program director, A.D. Henderson Foundation


Early educator mentoring program begins

“Home-based early educators, who serve a large number of our state's infants and toddlers, can be isolated and often have little support. Our mentoring program provided opportunities for these early educators to advance their professional skills, connect with their peers and elevate program quality so that 75% of all family child care programs are now participating in the state's quality recognition system, up from 15% when we started.”

—Barbara Postman, former director of the Vermont Birth to Three


Public awareness campaign launches

“As a mom of two young children, the issue that has the greatest impact on me and my family is the lack of affordable, high-quality child care in Vermont. Volunteering with Let’s Grow Kids and helping to build a movement that's 30,000-strong, has allowed me to tackle this challenge head on and has even inspired me to consider running for office.”

—Dawn Irwin, parent and early educator


Act 166 establishes universal pre-K in Vermont

“Thanks to Act 166, 3,000 more Vermont children are enrolled in publicly-funded prekindergarten and Winooski has increased prekindergarten enrollment by over 50%. As the first state in the country to offer universal pre-K for all 3- and 4-year-olds, we are making a thoughtful and forward-thinking investment to ensure that Vermont's children enter our schools socially and emotionally prepared to learn and with the best chance to reach their full potential.”

—Sean McMannon, superintendent, Winooski School District


Business engagement strategy launched

“Our ability to thrive as a company depends on our employees’ ability to show up and succeed at work. All Vermont businesses have a role to play in supporting a robust workforce that encourages young Vermonters to stay, allows parents to fully participate in the workplace, and builds a skilled, stable workforce for our collective future.”

—John Casella, chairman, CEO and secretary of Casella Waste Systems, Inc.


The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children and its initiatives, Vermont Birth to Five and Let's Grow Kids, unify as Let's Grow Kids.

"We are calling for big investment in Vermont’s children starting in 2019. By combining our advocacy movement with our work to increase quality child care and by amplifying the voices of our 30,000 supporters from different sectors, we become a much stronger force when asking the Vermont Legislature to support major new funding for child care."

— Aly Richards, CEO, Let's Grow Kids


In first 2 years of Make Way for Kids program, $1.7 million is invested to create 1,300 additional high-quality child care spaces

“I truly enjoy helping to shape the lives of so many young Vermonters and to support their families. That’s why I’m proud to be an early educator. But for us early educators to succeed in preparing these kids for the future, we need the support of our community.”

—Trisha Scharf, owner and director, Children Unlimited


Governor signs bill with tri-partisan support including $7.4 million investment in child care

“Other people’s kids are our kids, other employers’ workers are working for us, other parents’ early educators are our links to the adults of the future. This bill owns up to that reality and seeks to build a child care and early learning system that gives every child the foundation they need to succeed.”

— Debbie Ingram, Vermont state senator


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