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Letter to the Editor Toolkit

The editorial page is among the most widely read sections in news publications. Getting your Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed published is a great way to be a strong voice for Vermont's children.

We’re here to help you get the attention of your neighbors and decision makers by writing a letter today!

Letters to the Editor vs. Op-Eds:

Letters to the Editor are short pieces (usually 250 words or less) that are in direct response to something recently published in the paper.

Op-Eds are longer pieces (usually 800 words or less) that don’t need to be in response to a specific article in the paper but should be timely and in connection to current events. An Op-Ed is more likely to be published if the author is a subject matter expert and/or well-known in the community.

Crafting a strategic message in 4 easy steps

Below is some guidance on how to craft a strategic message. After you submit your letter or Op-Ed through this tool, Let’s Grow Kids can help you edit and format your letter for your local paper.